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Undergraduate Admission

Undergraduate International Prospectus 2023 Spring

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 About XYU

Xinyu University (XYU), located in Xinyu, Jiangxi province, is a public university. It occupies an area of 133 hectares, equipped with complete facilities for teaching and research in its beautiful and comfortable campus.

XYU runs 40 programs for undergraduate students, covering engineering, liberal arts, sciences, nursing, education, administration, arts and economics.

Today, approximately 838 faculty members instruct more than 15,000 undergraduate students. XYU is also home to international students with many different backgrounds.


Programs Offered

International students can apply for undergraduate programs of New Energy Science and Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Computer Science and Technology and Civil Engineering.

The core courses are taught in Chinese, while common courses both in Chinese and English.


Admission Requirements

The applicants are required to have completed the highest level of secondary education in their country of residence.

All the applicants must be less than 25 years old.

The applicant must pledge the following terms during its study at XYU:

1. abide by the laws of the Peoples Republic of China.

2. not engage in activities bearing no relation with my academic pursuit in China.

3. study industriously and observe all rules and regulations of XYU.

4. pay all expenses on time.


Chinese Language Requirements

Applicants are not required to demonstrate their Chinese proficiency through new HSK or other examinations. But it is suggested that international students should pass New HSK-4 before graduation at XYU.


Ready to Apply?

You may apply directly via email, or with the spot application service by our authorized intermediate or agent.

All applicants must submit documents as follows:

1. Duly completed XYU Application Form, affix 2 recent color photos taken within 6 months. You can get this form us via email.

2. Physical Examination Record for Foreigner (to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country. Blank form can be downloaded from official website of Chinese Embassy in your country.)

3. Original passport with a validity of more than 6 months and minimum two blank visa pages, and photocopies of the first 2 pages (personal information) of your passport and recent Chinese visas if any.

4. Authenticated mark sheet/diploma of the previous school is a must. Applicants are required to offer photocopy of these documents, together with corresponding translated versions.

5. Financial Documentation/personal bank account statement showing proof of your ability to pay a four-year study before XYU can issue a JW202.

6. If it is your first visit to China, please provide your local police character/clearance certificate (attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country).

7. Conduct Appraisal Table or two teacher references of the previous school.


 Tuition, Fees and Other Costs

Annual costs and expenses (in terms of China Yuan):


New Energy Science and Engineering

Robotics Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

Civil Engineering

Tuition Fee



Student Fee





1. The tuition and fees may change slightly each year subject to government policies.

2. Student fees cover the required fees for physical examination and residence permit and kinds of certificates in China etc.

3. Students shall pay all the fees within two weeks after the date of arrival at Xinyu University.

4. Students can transfer the above fees in terms of US Dollar to the public bank account of XINYU UNIVERSITY before departure, the foreign exchange rate should be quoted on the banks that buy foreign exchanges:

Account number: 202235753182






Financial Aid

Freshmen applicants can apply for Jiangxi Foreign Students Scholarships, Excellent Scholarships and Presidential Scholarships.

Undergraduate international students can apply for Jiangxi Foreign Students Scholarships and XYU Foreign Students Scholarships during their study at XYU.

The scholarship will be canceled if international students suspend school, drop out of school or suffer from various disciplinary actions for personal reasons.


Housing Accommodations

International students live at campus.

A certain amount of grid and water is free, any amounts exceeding that must be paid by students themselves. Fifty kilowatt hours of grid and three thousand liters of water are free of charge each student per month, ten months of an academic year. Students must be fully charged the grid and water during the Summer Vacation and the Winter Vacation.


Semester Dates

Classes start in February 2023.


 Contact Us

2666 Sunshine Avenue, High-Tech Zone, Xinyu city, JX province, 338004, China

t: +86-790-6653100 (fax)

w: http://gjjlxy.xyc.edu.cn/

e: albert.xyu@qq.com / heweiping@xyc.edu.cn


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