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2022 "Freshmen Cup" basketball game closed successfully

issued_time:2022-11-09 15:47:56

​​​​In order to further promote the physical and mental health development of students, and organize a number of enrichment activities to encourage sports, fitness, and athletics of Xinyu University students underscoring the theme of Going off the Internet, going out of the dormitory, and going to the playground, on the evening of November 7, the final of the 2022 'Freshmen Cup' Basketball Game of Xinyu University officially opened. Li Mingbin, secretary of the University Party Committee, Zhang Yuqing, president, Gong Lichun, member of the Party Committee and vice president, watched the competition with teachers and students.

With the vigorous music, the basketball team members of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and ZTE Institute of Communication entered the court in an orderly manner with a cheerful pace and robust vitality as well as firm belief. After the two teams shook hands, the final match officially began. The team members from both sides fought each other, attacked and defended each other, made passes and scored the ball swiftly. The cheerleaders were enthusiastic and young. The cheers of the audience kept coming and going! After a fierce competition, the whistle was sounded at the end of the game, and the score was finally set at 60:58. The College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering won the intramural championship! So far, the Freshmen Cup Basketball Game of Xinyu University in 2022 has been successfully concluded.

The 'Freshmen Cup' Basketball Game not only showed the students of Xinyu University the spirit of being energetic and enterprising, but also cultivated the competitive consciousness and the good quality of perseverance, which improved the collective cohesion and combat effectiveness. Each student of Xinyu University releases his youth strength on the stage of his own dream pursuit, takes struggle as the most beautiful background of youth, studies.

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