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Chinese-Foreign Education Cooperation Video Conference was held online

issued_time:2022-04-09 10:33:11

​    On the morning of April 8th, Xinyu University held a video conference with Kyrgyz National University of Construction, Transportation and Architecturein to further promote the preparatory work of the Chinese-Foreign Education Cooperation.Headmaster Zhang Yuqing, Party Committee member and Vice President Gong Lichun attended the meeting, and heads of relevant departments came to the meeting. Nurjan Madambekov, President of the Kyrgyz National University of Construction, Transportation and Architecture, Elgin Boronbayev, Advisor to the President, Nuratoktogazyeva, Director of Academic Affairs Office, Mahabatkaragulova, Chief of Foreign Affairs Office, and Egulieu Abduldayeva, Head of the Department of Electricity and Electrical Engineering, participated in the video conference.

    Zhang Yuqing gave a detailed introduction of the school history, discipline construction, international communication and cooperation.He hoped that on the basis of enhancing mutual understanding, both sides could make full use of their respective advantages and jointly promote the cooperation in talent training and scientific research. School master Abdikov introduced the basic situation, professional characteristics and development status of the Kyrgyz National University of Construction, Transportation and Architecture. He emphasized the attention to the cooperation with Xinyu University, and will actively promote the application of cooperation projects between the two universities. Relevant departments of the two universities will fully cooperate with each other to ensure the smooth application and approval of the Chinese-Foreign Education Cooperation. It is hope that the two universities will carry out more exchanges and cooperation in more fields and at higher levels in the future.

   After the meeting, the two sides will continue to conduct intensive communication on major cooperation, application materials preparation, joint training and other matters.

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