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The XYU 13th Sports Meeting kicked off

issued_time:2022-11-09 09:09:07

On the morning of November 9, the opening ceremony of the 13th Sports Meeting of our school was held in the South Athletics Stadium. The opening of the game was proclaimed by President Zhang Yuqing. And the opening speech was delivered by the vice president Chen Yuxian,who is a member of School Party Committee. Another member of School Party Committee and vice president called Xu Zhonglin presided over the opening ceremony. The principals of secondary colleges and departments attended the opening ceremony.

Accompanied by the majestic national anthem, the ceremony officially commenced. To begin with, Chen Yuxian expressed the appreciation for the majority of teachers and students who promote the construction of school sports work by winning the honor in this provincial Games for the school. He claimed that it was a significant initiative of our school to deeply dig into the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress and the important clarification of President Xi on the conducting of education and sports and the propelling of education and teaching reform. He also hoped that all athletes, coaches and referees could illustrate the sportsmanship of faster, higher, stronger and more united with the attitude of continuous enterprising struggle, showing real friendship, style and quality in the game. And all staff and volunteers were wished to strive for excellent attitude and enthusiastic service. It is also expected that all the members of our school take the sports meeting as a precious opportunity to learning more about the the crucial clarification of President Xi on education and sports. Learning about that could energize all the teachers and students to cooperate together and surpass themselves, contributing to the construction of a vivid and vigorous high level application oriented university with their own strengths.

At the opening ceremony, squads of all the departments gave wonderful performances in turn and the referee representatives and athlete representatives respectively made solemn oaths. The opening ceremony came to an end in the collective gymnastics performance of the representative team of all the departments. It is reported that from September 9 to 11, the energetic athletes will compete fiercely in 15 events.

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