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Xinyu University welcomed Grade of 2027

issued_time:2023-09-06 18:34:38

    As the autumn wind cooling off the heat, it is another new term. Xinyu University welcomes new students of Grade 2027 in this September. From September 5th to 6th, more than 4,000 young and energetic freshmen travel through thousands of miles to study at Xinyu University full expectations and aspirations from all over the country. With their parents' ardent hope and their own lofty ideals, the youth is prepared to start a brand-new journey of life.

    During the period of freshman registration, President Zhang Yuqing, Deputy Party Secretary Xu Zhonglin and other leading party team members of the university came to the instruction bases of the secondary departments and the freshman dormitories to visit the freshmen, staff and volunteers. After learning about the registration of new students, the school leaders talked with some new students about their study plans, and encouraged them to adapt to and integrate into the university life as soon as possible, study hard and fulfill their lives in an all-round way.

    The whole campus is permeated with a festive and happy atmosphere. Each secondary department specially arranged the instruction bases to make new students feel at home the moment they entered the school. Volunteer tents, creative banners and welcoming posters light people's eyes, fully bringing new students a sense of freshness and belonging, deeply showing the school culture and style. It is also helpful for new students to understand the professional direction and campus life for the first time and leave a good impression on new students to start new life in university. As the freshmen of Xinyu University feeling the vitality of the campus, they could set up a vigorous ambition to live up to their youth, with full expectations to open their wonderful new chapter.

    Xinyu University warmly welcomes every new student to join the big family. In this big family, new students are free to cultivate their sentiments, exert their talents and enrich their knowledge as well as realize their dreams in this beautiful campus environment. When a new student from the School of Economics and Management was interviewed about her future academic planning, her eyes were full of firmness. “I want to put the study first, go to the library more often, take good classes, and strive to improve myself professionally.” Another freshman from the School of Literature and Media claimed that his first impression of Xinyu University was very good. According to his words, we can know that the campus is so large and the environment is very beautiful. The teachers and seniors are very warm and patient.He hopes that he could live up to the four years spent here. A parent from Shandong Province expressed his gratitude to the school. When I came to the school, there were enthusiastic teachers and energetic volunteers everywhere to help solve problems. And the school made us parents very satisfied. I wish the kids would be able to accomplish something in both their study and life in such a good university.

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