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Delegates of Busan Institute of Science and Technology visited our university

issued_time:2023-06-13 19:11:19

   On the morning of 13th, our university held a negotiation meeting with Busan Institute of Science and Technology (BIST), South Korea. Gong Lichun, member of the Party Committee and vice president, attended the meeting and the person in charge of the International Office of Cooperation and Exchanges and relevant staff also showed up at the meeting. Mr. Jeong Haeng Kyu, Dean of International Education of BIST, Mr. Jeong Chi Hwa, Director of Language Centre, Ms. Zhou Bo, Professor in charge of the Department of Hospitality & Management and the representative of China Office of BIST participated in the meeting.

    Gong Lichun introduced our characteristics in management, integration of industry, academic and research, and international education. She retrospected the communication and friendship between the two universities and hoped that the two sides would sufficiently take advantage of their respective strengths, so as to jointly promote the two universities to carry out substantive cooperation in talent cultivation, faculty and student exchanges as well as other aspects. Jeong Haeng Kyu also introduced the basic situation of their university, showing abundant confidence in the co-operation between the two universities in the fields of cultural and educational exchanges and preparatory classes of famous Korean universities. And he was looking forward to accelerating the exchanges of teachers and students between our university and BIST, which accordingly helped bring the event of studying abroad into a new stage in both sides.

    In the end, Jeong Haeng Kyu sincerely invited our teachers and students to visit South Korea soon.

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