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A video conference was held with Altai State University

issued_time:2023-03-01 19:33:25

On the morning of 1 March, leaders of our university held a video conference with Altai State University, Russia. Gong Lichun, member of the party committee and vice president, attended the meeting, in which the person in charge of the International Affairs Department and related staff also participated. From the prospective of Altai State University, Raijin Roman Ilyich, vice president for International Affairs, Domukhovsky Mikhail Alekseevich, director of International Division and Glushanina Svetlana Viktorovna, head of International Education Programs showed up in the video conference.

Gong Lichun introduced the orientation of management, the construction of disciplines and specialties, and the international education from the big picture of our university. She hoped that the two sides would be able to fully take their respective advantages and jointly promote the cooperation between the two universities in the fields of talent cultivation, scientific research and other aspects. Raijin Roman Ilyich also introduced the basic situation of Altai State University, saying that he was full of confidence in the cooperation with Xinyu University to hold undergraduate education programs. He added that at the same time he was very much looking forward to further cooperation and communication with our university to advance the method of teaching and research and talent training.

Finally, Gong Lichun sincerely invited the leaders of Altai State University to visit our university in person as soon as possible. She expressed the wish that by visiting and communicating mutually, we could further energize the two sides to carry out various levels of substantive cooperation, achieving the fruit of cooperation and win-win situation.

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