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Cultural activities held to celebrate 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival

issued_time:2023-09-28 09:21:07

With the moon reaching its fullness, we meet with our Mid Autumn Festival once again. On the evening of 27th September, the Series of Weekends Plaza called the Mid-Autumn Festival Wonderful Night hosted by the Xinyu University Committee of the Communist Youth League of China and held by the School of Literature and Media kicked off in Block E of Liberal Arts Building. This activity was aimed at showing the inheritance and competence of the youth to the Chinese mission of new area.

Zhang Yuqing, Xu Zhonglin, Li Min and other leaders attended the soiree with students, admiring bright moon and tasting sweet moon cakes. They also participated in traditional cultural activities such as paper-cutting, pot-throwing, calligraphy, handicrafts, lantern riddles and so on. Bathing in the cultivation of Mid-Autumn Festival, the leaders delivered best wishes to the students. Adhering to the theme of the era, the activity organically connected Chinese traditional culture, Chinese classics and other Chinese elements with innovative forms of activities, which fully embodies the results of liberal education, creating an atmosphere of progressive culture and dedicating an audiovisual feast of harmony.

Students who participated in the activities said that through this activity they really felt the profoundness of traditional culture as well as the family-style tenderness and warmth from school, promoting the communication and interaction among students.

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