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Representatives of Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology visited our university

issued_time:2023-10-18 10:03:44

  On 17th October, the representatives of Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology of Malaysia, general manager of Beijing Jinhong International Education Co., Ltd, Wu Wei, deputy general manager Huang Minzi visited our university for communicating. Gong Lichun, member of the Party Committee and vice president, attended the exchange forum accompanied by relevant departments.

  Gong Lichun expressed her warm welcome to the visit of the representatives and said that the university will follow the national policy as usual with integrating the actual situation of development of the university and carrying out diversified and all-round cooperation with foreign high-quality educational resources, hoping that both sides can strengthen exchanges and work together to promote the internationalization of education. Thereafter, the two universities made a brief presentation and introduction respectively.

  At last, both sides exchanged views from Chinese-foreign cooperative programs, universities exchanging student programs as well as recruitment of foreign students, discussing the difficulties faced by the two sides in the proposed cooperation projects.

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