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South Korea-China Youth Friendship Delegation visited our university

issued_time:2019-11-07 10:22:28

  From November 3 to November 6, the South Korea-China Youth Friendship Delegation of 24 members from Jeollanam-do, South Korea visited our university for cultural exchanges.

  During the period of exchanging, the delegation visited the center for school-enterprise cooperation and library of our university. Then they were led to participate and appreciate the traditional Chinese culture such as printmaking, calligraphy and embroidery in School of Arts, delving deeply into the countryside to experience the ecological culture, admiring the beautiful Fairy Lake and experiencing the culture of Chinese traditional dress. In the end of the exchange, our university organized an artistic activity aimed at promoting the association of China-South Korea culture, in which both sides of the students were allowed to demonstrate their characteristics.

  The Delegation was composed of college students from 9 different universities in Jeollanam-do, South Korea and the whole process of exchanging lasted 7 days. The activities of the delegation in Xinyu were hosted by our university. By carrying out the activities of South Korea-China Youth Friendship Delegation, our students deepened the connection and enhanced their friendship with South Korean youth, reinforcing the belief of adhering to build friendship and partnership with its neighbors and launching a firm foundation for further strengthening the cooperation between our university and  South Korean universities.

  In April 2012, Jiangxi Province and Jeollanam-do of South Korea officially established the relationship of association and cooperation, on the base of which the China-South Korea Youth Friendship Delegation was conducted cooperatively by the two sides as an international cooperation project. So far, the project has been carried out for 7 batches with a total of 175 people involved. In 2019 July, our university dispatched 10 students to visit South Korea the Jiangxi Province Youth Friendship Mission, enhancing and promoting the friendship between the two sides.

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