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Representatives of Austria CKM Industrial Group visited our university

issued_time:2023-11-09 18:13:32

​    On the afternoon of 8 November, Xi Guoyan, chairman of the board of directors of Austria CKM Industrial Group and director of World Fabric Museum of Kogler Family, visited our university accompanied with their delegation. Wu Fukang, secretary of the Party Committee and Zhang Yuqing, president of the university met with the guests accompanied by the directors of the relevant departments.

    Wu Fukang expressed his warm welcome to the visit of Xi Guoyan and her entourage. Wu pointed out that talent cultivation, scientific research, service to society, cultural heritage and innovation as well as international exchange and cooperation are important functions of a university. It is hoped that both sides would give full play to their comparative advantages, put in place a long-term mechanism, evaluate potential cooperation modes and programs so as to form an operable and practical work plan together. Our university is bond to cooperate with CKM Industrial Group to set up platforms of scientific research, talent introduction, cultivation and nurturing with continuing to support the landing of related projects at the same time. It is imperative for both sides to build national strategic laboratories in Xinyu, making further and greater contribution to the construction of waste-free and high-tech city.

    Zhang Yuqing briefly introduced the construction of disciplines and specialties, progress in the deep integration of industry, academia and research and other aspects achieved in recent years. He said that Xinyu University has always been adhered to the development of the local society, especially the demands of local industries since its foundation. It has alreadly advanced on a road of characteristic, high-level, application-oriented development. He appreciated Chairman Xi Guoyan's ardor for her hometown and the attention paid on the investment and development of Xinyu, hoping that the two sides would further strengthen cooperation and promote common development.

    Xi Guoyan acknowledged the school's warm reception and strong support for the development of Austria CKM Industrial Group and Kogler Family World Fabric Museum in Xinyu. She briefly introduced the ongoing industrialization of refractory materials, the no-waste city plan and new Chinese-style design empowered by artificial intelligence as well as the predictable landing of the digital technology talents plan in Xinyu National High-tech Zone, hoping to seek the convergence of win-win development with Xinyu University by trying their best to support the development of hometown, creating a better future hand in hand.

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