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The Ceremony of coming-of-age performed at the 2023 Dragon Boat Festival

issued_time:2023-06-15 19:26:44

    On 13 June 2023, the Committee of the Communist Youth League of the College of New Energy Science and Engineering undertook the weekend cultural square activities called Performing the Ceremony of coming-of-age at the Dragon Boat Festival and Promoting Patriotism and Love for the University, which was sponsored by the Communist Youth League of Xinyu University Committee in the student flat area. President Zhang Yuqing, member of the party committee, vice president Li Min, and representatives of teachers and students from the New Energy Science and Engineering College totaling more than 300 people attended the event.

    The event was divided into two chapters, the first of which called Promoting Traditional Culture included four parts, respectively named as exploring tea culture and refreshing the heart with its fragrance, undertaking Chinese dress culture and enjoying ancient dance, striving for the dream of Bar Mitzvah and struggling for the future, as well as understanding the charm of poetry and tasting the charm of the national rhyme. During the activity, students dressed in Chinese traditional clothes, performed exquisite tea art with the unique charm of tea Chinese culture. In the beautiful and elegant dance, everyone was led to learn about the Chinese dress, diving into the Chinese dress culture. With a delicate posture, the beauty of the great Chinese race was fully exhibited. At the same time, with the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, representatives of teachers from the New Energy Science and Engineering College crowned students as maturity, meeting the arrival of the full sense of ceremony of 18 years old. Afterwards, students recited Ode to Tangerine, praising the loyalty and righteousness of the Pre-Qin poet Qu Yuan. This activity guided students to embrace the appreciation to the family and the nation and encourage them to pay tribute to the glory of ideals and set sail to dreams. In the second chapter of the event called Inheriting the Spirit of Struggle, teachers and students went to the activity field to participate in the knowledge quiz, pot throwing, calligraphy, red rope blessing, egg painting and other activities. With the conducting of these activities, the atmosphere of the scene was pushed to climax.

    As a conclusion, this event enriched the after-school life of students, promoted traditional culture and deepened students' sense of national honour as well as enhanced students' patriotic enthusiasm for our university.

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